AV Equipment

Parts Express - good place to start looking for various equipment - TV mounts, cables, wall plates.

Blue Jeans Cable - quantifiably high quality cables at moderate costs. HDMI, audio, speaker, etc. They also have some decent articles on cabling.

I started looking into wall plates, but Home Depot actually has a home entertainment wiring section with Leviton Quickport wall plates. It won’t help with HDMI connectors (see Blue Jeans Cable for that), but for cable TV coax, audio connectors, it is very customizable.


AudioEngine A5 Speaker measurements: about flat from 55Hz - 20KHz


Sony XDR-HDF1 mods - so I succumbed to HD Radio and got this tuner because of a great review on it. Turns out it’s not so bad. It’s actually quite good. Very low noise versus in-car radio, HD pick-up is pretty good, and now I get to listen to NPR around the house.

Speaker Placement

Theory of Sound and Hearing

Someone who also thinks most of the audio products out there are for suckers. Bullshit speaker cables and multi-thousand dollar amps that really aren’t worth shit.