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Minor site update

I’ve added a lightbox view for photos now. I’ve back-updated several entries as well. You can now click on the images and get a neat effect. This makes viewing images more neutral than on the current background, especially for the contrast — highlights and shadows are perceived better by the eye. It’s like the best of both worlds. I get to keep the easier to read dark text on light background and also have a dark background for viewing photos.


RSS feed Redirection problem fixed!

I was having difficulty getting the RSS feed redirected to the new location after the move. But I figured it out — it was actually right in my admin toolkit. Just used the .htaccess wrapper program to create a permanent redirect (all on one line):

RedirectMatch permanent ^/index.rdf$

I did try that before, but without the character matching ^ and $. And instead of using a javascript or meta redirect such as this in a blank index.html file:

< script type="text/javascript" / >
< meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="0; URL=wp/index.php" / >

I put in another redirect for the main page:

RedirectMatch permanent ^/$


New Content Management System (blogging software)

I was really getting tired of Movable Type’s comment spam so I tried upgrading to the newest version. However, the damn thing just wasn’t very cooporative so I ditched it and moved to Wordpress. I hope I won’t have any trouble with this new (to me) software.

Now I’m just looking for a spell checking plugin.

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More Notes

I want to have a side section that shows new/recent posts that aren’t in the “Daily Activities” category b/c I want to stop posting entries that aren’t front page worthy to the main page.


Speling for MovableType

I’ve installed the Speling (sic) spell checker plugin for MT. A few notes:

* If you need to download and install the Lingua::Ispell Perl module, create a folder named Lingua inside of extlib and place the module in there. It took me about half an hour of fumbling around to figure that out.

* If you need to find out the location of Ispell on your *nix server but don’t have shell access, you can see if your website control panel has the ability to do Cron Jobs. If so, you can set it to run the command whereis ispell. The resulting output should tell your where the location is. Usually it’s /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin. You can also run ispell -v to see if your version is recent enough.


Organizational and Usability Changes

I’ve done a couple of things to the site:

  • changed the comments so it’s no longer a popup. I replaced the comments tag with #comments. The #comments is already an anchor by default on the individual entry pages so that was quite convenient.
  • added a category tag to each entry
  • subscribing to individual comment threads (entry). i’m especially pleased about this one. now visitors don’t have to constantly(?) be checking the site to see if new comments have been posted to a particular entry. Thanks to Scriptygoddess!

Hopefully I’ll get a crackin’ on the layout (e.g. stylesheets, categories) soon.

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Pardon The Dust

Sorry for the shoddy appearance of the pages. I’m trying to change the layout. So far I’ve put the entries and links into a table so the links don’t disappear to the bottom like before when the window was too small. I’m hoping to be done by next week.


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