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04/16/03, The Game Just Won’t Be The Same

I found this link to an article about turning organic waste into usable oil and minerals. It’s got some very interesting information. I think it would make for a good stock investment if they go public.

I had to return my DDRMax game today. It is a sad day indeed. First it’s the last game Michael Jordan will ever play. Second, I won’t be able to play the game I love. I guess I’ll be hoping that DDR for the X-Box comes out soon so I can play it on John’s unit or that I’ll have enough money to get a PS2. Either way, I need to budget myself so I can get some decent pads.

The end of the semester is quickly rolling by and I need to work my ass off to do well. Future planning also needs to be done soon. I’m thinking about grad school cause I know I didn’t work hard enough in undergrad to do well in the real world. Sound Engineering, Automotive Engineering, and Culinary School are my top considerations. Plus I need to find a summer job in the meanwhile.

Another thing that caught my attention was the new STi. I think this is the car I want to get when I get my act together. That and maybe (still?) the RX-8. The STi’s more true to race form, while the RX-8 does has a more unique engine. It’s just more elegant to me. Although 300HP is quite elegant too for the STi.

I noticed at that a lot of Kobalt Tools are no longer available. Is that so John? I still want to get my hands on the slim Craftsman 3/8″ ratchet with 6° swing action. Have you checked out the rest of the Ultimate Garage? He’s updated it to include some landscaping outside.

Well, that’s it for today. If anyone has any tips on how to stay focused and study hard, please send ‘em in.

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You’ve Got To See This

Here’s a video of well…just take a look at it. Beware, it’s a big file (9.0MB)

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