Cool Tools

(Maybe this doesn’t need a parent category, but it’ll have to do for now)

I recently discovered Ridgid and it seems to be a good heavy-duty brand. Not as good as Hilti, but probably on par with Bosch. Seems that Dewalt ain’t that good. A lot of their stuff has plastic where in comparable Ridgid and Milwaukee tools, it’s metal. Plus it seems that overall, the brand is more expensive than the other three I mentioned. And accessories like laser guides are an added cost. (Ridgid is now offering lifetime batteries and warranty support for their power tools.)

Ridgid also has a universal charger for their products that’ll charge 12-18V batteries without needing separate charger models. It also has a built-in fan that forces air through the vent holes in their batteries. Quite a nice design that allows for more vigorous charging (20-30min, according to them, vs. ~1hr for most quick chargers).