Amazon Basics Blutooth Keyboard vs. Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPhone


  • smaller and lighter than the Apple unit.
  • smaller keys means compact keyboard - distance from A - P is ~167mm.
  • F1 functions as a home button - will wake phone up and double and triple click functionality is mimic’d (!!!)
  • F2 functions just like swipe right to search - will even bring you to the search card when you’re inside an app
  • volume, playback controls and keyboard show/hide key work just like Apple unit
  • 5° of tilt
  • two AAA batteries (not included)
  • $42


  •  full size keyboard - distance from A - P is ~182mm.
  • has volume, playback controls and keyboard show/hide keys
  • also has display brightness keys (up and down)
  • 7° of tilt (more than I’d like)
  • two AA batteries (included)
  • $70

Both units connect just fine to the iPhone and an iPad I tried out. Typing wise, the Apple key spacing is much better than the Amazon, but the Amazon’s smaller degree of tilt is more comfortable for my wrists, especially coming from a laptop that has no tilt (personal preference as well). The extra search/home key on the Amazon unit is nice, but I don’t know if it’d be used often. I don’t think I’ll ever use the brightness buttons on the Apple keyboard.

App caveats: Gmail app on iPhone won’t hide keyboard. It also refuses to recognize the SBSettings swipe. (last Gmail update fixed this swipe, but keyboard still won’t hide)

Verdict: keeping the Apple keyboard because full size is important.

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