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T-Mobile 3G 1900Mhz

Kinda giddy like watching the 3G reports and also getting some spotty coverage in dallas. TMO says Q42012 should have roll-out complete. Hope it happens as scheduled…


Amazon Basics Blutooth Keyboard vs. Apple Wireless Keyboard for iPhone


  • smaller and lighter than the Apple unit.
  • smaller keys means compact keyboard - distance from A - P is ~167mm.
  • F1 functions as a home button - will wake phone up and double and triple click functionality is mimic’d (!!!)
  • F2 functions just like swipe right to search - will even bring you to the search card when you’re inside an app
  • volume, playback controls and keyboard show/hide key work just like Apple unit
  • 5° of tilt
  • two AAA batteries (not included)
  • $42


  •  full size keyboard - distance from A - P is ~182mm.
  • has volume, playback controls and keyboard show/hide keys
  • also has display brightness keys (up and down)
  • 7° of tilt (more than I’d like)
  • two AA batteries (included)
  • $70

Both units connect just fine to the iPhone and an iPad I tried out. Typing wise, the Apple key spacing is much better than the Amazon, but the Amazon’s smaller degree of tilt is more comfortable for my wrists, especially coming from a laptop that has no tilt (personal preference as well). The extra search/home key on the Amazon unit is nice, but I don’t know if it’d be used often. I don’t think I’ll ever use the brightness buttons on the Apple keyboard.

App caveats: Gmail app on iPhone won’t hide keyboard. It also refuses to recognize the SBSettings swipe. (last Gmail update fixed this swipe, but keyboard still won’t hide)

Verdict: keeping the Apple keyboard because full size is important.


Air Port Express (2nd Generation)

  • Dual Band (separate 2.4GHz and 5GHz antennas)
  • AirPlay that works reliably
  • still a two second lag, but it’s predictable. Native music app is able to pause instantaneously while non-native apps still have a delay when pausing.

That’s it. Can’t complain. Controlled by iOS device. Not much configurability, but it gets the job done

Verdict: Kept.


Gripes about Apple TV 2

Nice things:

  • Slide show is great - the transitions (including Ken Burns) are really nice
  • Airplay can wake it from sleep mode
  • Airplay (but not good enough in it’s current iteration)

Bad things:

  • fonts looks unaliased to me
  • Airplay doesn’t always “just work”. maybe it’s because i’m using both the hdmi and optical output (so i don’t have to have the tv on to listen to music)
  • Airplay sound quality is lacking — for non-dynamic range compressed albums like classical music, in quiet passages you can hear clicking sounds
  • video quality of airplay mirroring is still not good enough for me
  • lag. uncompressed wave files (which is how airplay works) shouldn’t have 3 seconds of latency
  • too much loading time - flickr, etc takes too long to load (it should be buffered more)

Verdict: Returned.

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T-Mobile Shortcodes

Dial these codes on your phone and T-mobile will send you back your usage data:

  • #MIN# (or #646#) for voice minutes used
  • #MSG# (or #674#) for messages sent/received
  • #WEB# (or #932#) for data used
  • #BAL# (or #225#) for current balance due


Phone Cases

Yeah, it’s a lame problem. Which case to get for phone. On the original eyePhone, I didn’t use one. So I did an Amazon smorgazbord and got 5 cases:
iphone 4s cases


Incipio NGP:

  • Good protection, especially front glass lip
  • Good tight fit
  • Fit is a little loose near top and bottom (can see the bowing)
  • Volume buttons too stiff

Speck GeoSkin:

  • Didn’t realize there were bumps on the back

Speck PixelSkinHD:

  • Can’t decide between blue and grey
  • Larger opening for camera (less flare according to some reviews)