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A Simple Entry to Bid Farewell to the Old Year

Happy new year. Hope it’s as fun, productive and dramatic as 2005.

Thinking back, we got to play thumbs. Eat random birthday cakes. Burn stuff. Play some guitar. Go too fast on bikes. Laugh at poor chinese skillz. Drink a lot of grey goose. Help out strangers. Flask. Lots of trips to austin. Cook. Get really behind on pictures. Watch the home team! Stay behind on pictures. Laugh. Chill w/ new and old friends.

Enjoy the festivities tonight!

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Pain Relievers and Alcohol

Tylenol + ethenol = liver failure

So the lesson is? Drink lots of dihydrogen monoxide before you pass out so you won’t need to take headache medicine in the morning. Oh, and don’t OD on painkillers like Michael does with Advil.


New CMOS Sensor Design and Compression Scheme

A couple of professors at the University of Rochester in NY have developed some interesting technologies for future CMOS imaging devices:

* Extremely low power feedback design
* Increased dynamic range, by a factor of 100
* New compression scheme which utilizes a new pixel arrangement on the chip allows for a fraction of the processing power needed by current chips

We may be seeing 1/3″ and 2/3″ sensors having ISO1600 and above sensitivities with noise levels at that of current DSLR levels in the future.


HDTV funny page

* Close to one in four (28%) of HDTV owners reported that they did not get any special equipment from their service provider to watch HDTV channels because the picture quality was already improved with the purchase of an HDTV.

* 23% of HDTV owners did not invest in special equipment to watch HDTV channels because a message at the beginning of the programs they watch tells them that those programs are being broadcast in HD.

* Nearly one in five (18%) reported that they believed the HD television would give them high-definition channels without additional equipment.

From ars.

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Apple Aperture

Turns out this first version sucks.

* No curves
* Raw conversion output sucks
* histogram gives false information by taking a smoothed sample of file
* strips EXIF info on export
* slow as molasses
* retarded library database
* expensive

Kinda like a 1.0 release of most any Microsoft product. Buggy and doesn’t work. Good job Apple.


Tontie Champion!

Tontie Champ.jpg

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The Infamous Shift Key

I meant to put this entry up along time ago but kept forgetting about it. Whenever you buy a new music CD (or any data CD, DVD) and pop it into your Windows based PC, hold down the <shift> key to bypass any autoplay program on your computer or any malicious DRM that’s on the CD. Be sure to hold it down until the drive is done spinning up; otherwise those programs will still run. You can then rip normally with your preferred rippa’.

And if you want to disable autorun permanently on your computer, try this helpful tutorial.


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